Freight Recovery & Arbitration Chamber

Debt recovery

Work with us because ...
... remember a penny saved is a penny earned!

We have access to legal expertise worldwide where our local partners will help toresolve existing disputes and avoid court action. We collect the majority of debts without the needfor legal action.

Three steps of recovey explaned

Friendly Approach

We try to collect in a friendly manner (amicable collection) by sending payment demand letters and making phone calls to the debtor informing them that legal action risk is pending. In many cases the debtor will settle the claim at this stage.

Arbitration Chamber

If the above friendly collection has no result, we will suggest to the client to involve our Arbitration Chamber. In many cases this has a major impact on the debtors attitude and since we mention that legal action will follow, this often will result in a settlement or a proposal for a payment schedule.

Court Action

If all the above fails the client may choose to proceed with court action, for which a cost quotation can be supplied free of charge.