Freight Recovery & Arbitration Chamber

Terms and Conditions


• The Client authorizes FR&AC to undertake collection efforts assigned to FR&AC and according to the collection fee structure and the terms detailed herein below and as detailed on the FR&AC

• Each individual request for collection shall be detailed on a Collection Account Assignment form supplied by FR&AC and shall be deemed as the Case.

• The Case shall be assigned solely to FR&AC and the assignment shall remain in force for a minimum period of one hundred and twenty (120) days after which time the Client may withdraw the Case upon written notification to FR&AC.

• In the circumstance that the debtor pays the assigned outstanding debt to the Client directly after the signing of this Agreement and/or the assignment of a Case to FR&AC , then FR&AC shall invoice the due commission to the Client and the Client agrees to pay this invoice within seven days after receipt.

• Please Note – If the claim against the debtor shall be settled in a form that is different from a standard financial settlement (e.g. balancing of accounts, offset payment against other work(s) performed by the debtor, etc.,) then the Client shall pay the collection service fee to FR&AC in money.

• Once the collection of this debt is legally assigned by this contract to FR&AC or by a separate agreement to its overseas lawyers or agents, the client and/or its representatives will not contact the debtor and/or any third parties direct in order to negotiate matters related to the collection of said debt . In cases where the client is contacted by the debtor they will refer them back to FR&AC.

• In other words: FR&AC will be solely responsible for the collection of this debt without client interference.