Ms. Roberta Cippà Cavadini


Roberta Cippà Cavadini was born in Mendrisio, Switzerland on 1961. After completing her studies at the Scuola Magistrale di Locarno, she left for London and then Stuttgart to learn languages. She started working at Cippà Trasporti, the family business, in 1985. At the beginning of 2000, she took over full management of the company. Today Cippà Trasporti has 80 employees and 4 branches; 3 in Switzerland and 1 in Italy in the Milan area. Roberta is currently the president of Spedlogswiss Ticino (Association of Swiss freight forwarders) and part of the national board of Spedlogsiwss in Basel.

Roberta is passionate about personal growth and regularly participates in management and communication training. She is currently training in negotiation techniques. Roberta speaks Italian, English, French and German. She has been married to Nello Cavadini for more than 30 years.

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