Mr. Pietro Marzano

Chairman of the FR&AC Board

Pietro Marzano is Founder and Partner of PVM, a law firm with offices in Milan, Rome and Naples that has operated since 2001.

Mr. Marzano is the President of O.d.V (Organismo di Vigilanza – Council of Surveillance) of several companies. He has previously served as the Commissioner and consultant to local and national government institutions. He advises companies about legal issues in developing new business, allowed to assist clients in the Italian Supreme Court, he managed. with his team. trials in courts all over the country.

He has significant experience in major complex restructuring operations, such as, for example, debt releasing arrangements through assignment of receivables and ensuing recapitalization or through proposals for composition with creditors under bankruptcy, with conversion of receivables into capital. He provides advice and assistance to Italian and foreign companies and regulated entities including banks, insurance companies, financial intermediaries and payment service providers, investment and asset management companies, funds in extraordinary corporate transactions as well as in relation to their on-going regulatory duties and relationship with supervisory Authority. Also he specializes in labour law, company restructuring, taxation law, commercial law and M&A, freight and shipping international rules.

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