Mr. Alessandro Zanin


21 years in Logistics, airlines, shipping & ship-owners, freight forwarding, Courier, MTO, warehousing, supply chain management. Multiple international experiences setup & planning of corporate projects in Italy and abroad. Management experience in large multinationals and medium-small size companies. Hard background in operation management and specialist in business operational projects.
Senior Expert Manager in International Logistics. Currently, he’s Sales Director in Freight Forwarding Co. in Bergamo, Italy. He serves international and national clients in variety of industries including energy, construction, real estate, and healthcare.
He is adjunct professor in organization and shipping services, supply chain management and transports in Bergamo and Relator in the University of Genoa in the course of “Economics and Management of Transport Companies” in the context of the three-year degree in Economics of Maritime Companies, Logistics and Transport of the University of Genoa, Italy.
Consultant and specialist in Incoterms® rules, documentary letters of credit, export and import procedures, and the harmonized system.
Dr. Zanin holds the Bachelor Degree in Maritime Economy, Transport and Shipping Business Administration from the University of Naples IUN (1999) and Master of Science in International Logistics from University of Florence (2008). His specific education in logistics together with a solid experience on the field has enabled him to reach an extensive and deep knowledge of all technical aspects and procedures which make up the vastly complex structure of freight forwarding and logistics sector.
Married, he lives in Bergamo.

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