Mr. Alessandro Saponaro

Chairman of Arbitration Board

Alessandro Saponaro was born in Bari (Italy) in 1940.

He started to work in 1960, but not yet in the forwarding business. In 1963 he joint a Company that, in that years was the most important Shipping Agency in Milan and for the next 4 year it was his School of Forwarding.

In the same period he was attending the course of Economy and Trade at the University of Milan.

After severl experiences in other Forwarding agent companies, Alessandro Saponaro decided to open its own Company in Bergamo.

Tecnofreight Srl is the first company founded in his Group that now can count on 7 different activities in any of the fields of Logistics.

His business vision convinced him that Africa was the market for the future but small and medium sized companies needed a Network of Specialized and reliable Freight Forwarders. For this reason in the year 2015, he founded Africa Logistics Network (ALN) and few years later Airfreight Logistics Network for Africa (ALNA).

Today Alessandro Saponaro is still the Honorary Presidente of ALN and ALNA.

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