Mr. Marcello Saponaro

Vice-Chairman of the FR&AC Board

Marcello Saponaro was born in Milan in July 1970.

His career in Freight Forwarding started while he was studying at the University of Milan.

In 1997 he decided to leave the company in which he was working as an employee to follow his father to start the first company of the Group, Tecnofreight.

After an experience as Member of the Regional Parliament of Lombardy from 2005 to 2010, he decided to return to the logistics business as CEO of Logimar, the company still managed by Marcello Saponaro and his team.

The changes incurring in the shipping, convinced him to specialize Logimar in the most attractive and specialized fields of business: Africa and Project Cargo. Probably the biggest niches in Logistics.

In 2015 he founded Africa Logistics Network, few years later Airfreight Logistics Network for Africa and, in May 2021, the last born of the networks: Exclusive Project Network, of which is co-CEO together with Mr. Juergen Weyhousen.

Marcello Saponaro is also Vice-Chairman of FR&AC, Freight Recovery & Arbitration Chamber, his latest creature founded together with Pietro Marzano, legal and FR&AC Chairman, and Valentina Giordano, legal and member of the board.

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